Experience the magic of real Snow Fall at Snow World, a rare delight available within the cities of our country. We take immense pride in bringing to you many unique snow activities developed by our ingenious masterminds. We have painstakingly done an in-depth research and have mastered the art of replicating real snowfall at Snow World using various state-of-the-art snow making equipment. Once you visit us, we promise you a wondrous surprise.

Amazing curves and slopes, twists and turns at an elevated height of 100 feet with the speeding rubber tube is one of the hottest sensations at Snow World. Hop in and slide through the slopes of icy mountains amidst a jungle.

Snow fights or snow delights, we let you indulge in all at our Snow Play area. Get along your family, or those friends you want to target for a take down with huge snow balls and get into an exciting snow fight.

Riding through the snow, on a fun and exciting Sleigh! Yes, we have a sledging area where you can ride a cart and make your peers your personal reindeers.
The first ride down a slope on a sledge is the most important, if you get it right, you are through. It is essential to steer the sledge along the most exciting course, perhaps adding twists and turns to make the run down the slope faster or more exciting. We also have a cheat code- Turn around, lie flat on your stomach, or just close your eyes- it’s called flooping!!

Toboggan is one of our most adventurous and exciting activities to experience. We make you sit on a huge tube and you sledge through the snowy mountains structures from a height. Try this activity for a fun round or on repeat mode- we bet you won’t get enough!

Pairs of blades beneath your feet to travel all over the icy rink. Be it fun, practice sessions, exercise, leisure, traveling, and various sports, this activity will definitely keep you hooked. Master this game of ice skating while you learn various techniques and styles, only at your city’s first ever snow theme park, “Freezing Rains @ Snow World”.

General Information

  • -10° C temprature at Snow World
  • 1st indoor snow park in delhi
  • One session for one hour
  • Snowfall in every session
  • Socks is necessary to wear

Experience the magic of winters at Snow World where you can enjoy snowy adventures for one hour. We fully equip you with Snow Jackets, Shoes & Gloves that keep you warm in the freezing cold. Visit us and indulge in fun activities like Snow Play, Snow Fall, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Snow Sledging, Ice Sliding, and many more. We also have special photo ops that you can brag about.

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