Its one of our delightful activities that we are proud of and it makes us feel unique. Here our master minds have actually studied the real process of snowfall and made it possible to create snowfall through snow making guns, giving it a wow feeling along with the surprise of actual snow.

Amazing curves and slopes of 100 feet with the speeding rubber tube is one of the sensations of snow world. This gives you a feel of sliding through the slopes of icy mountain surrounded by a jungle.

Enjoying natural snow with family and friends can be amazing with snow ball wars in this area. Making various structures out of snow and showing off your skills. Here is the place you realize that a snow ball on the face is the sign of a long lasting friendship.

It’s a cart which can be rided on the snow. Fun to ride when your loved ones become your reindeers. The first ride down a slope on a sled is the most important, but most also the most difficult, as it determines the path of the sled for further runs down the slope. It is essential to steer the sled along the most exciting course, perhaps adding twists and turns to make the run down the slope faster or more exciting. Other techniques to improve the ride include turning around, lying on the stomach, or closing both eyes and its called flooping!!

One of our adventurous activities to chill out and jump around. This is the most common winter olympic game, and we have brought this professional activity in snow world. Its a mix of skiing and boarding, the ski poles are used to maintain balance and right posture towards right direction. The best and new thing to try and learn.

Pairs of blades beneath your feet to travel all over the rink. It Can be done for a variety of reasons, including exercise, leisure, traveling, and various sports. Master The game of skating and its various techniques and style, only at your city’s first ever snow theme park, “Freezing Rains @ Snow World”

General Information

  • -10° C temprature at Snow World
  • Snow World is open 365 days
  • One session for one hour
  • Snowfall in every session
  • Socks is necessary to wear

Snow World regular charges are Rs. 600/- per person for one hour that includes your gears like Jacket Shoes Gloves on rent and all activities are inclusive i.e. Snow Play, Snow Fall, Ice Skating, Snow Boarding, Snow Sledging, Ice Sliding, and many picture ops and attractions.

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